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Aftermath Youth Football League/UTAH

Aftermath Youth Football League/UTAH

Head Coach/Team Creation

Steps for Coaches to Register:

Step 1: Go to the Registration listing module or the Volunteer listing module and select the Program/Division you would like to be a coach for. Click “Register Now” (you can also click “Register Now” when you are signed into your account).

Step 2: Create a new account if you have never logged in or log in with existing credentials.

Step 3: Enter your information and continue

Step 4: Select “I am a team coach or other team personnel” from the “Which Best Describes You” pop-up.

Step 5: Confirm the correct Program is selected for which you want to register as a coach for.

Step 6: Confirm the correct Division is selected for which you want to register as a coach for.

Step 7: Select yourself to be the Head Coach

Step 8: Enter your remaining information. This is where you will enter your Team Name.

Step 9: Your team page is created! From here you then can invite players to your team by entering their email address. You can also send payment reminders and pay open invoices for players. This page also tells you how many players have joined your team and what the minimum and maximum players per team are. PLUS, the team code is on this page too. You can pass this code out to anyone who you would like to join your team. When you enter emails on this page, each email will already include the team code.

FAQ For Coaches

FAQs for Coaches

Can I pay for players on my team if they didn’t pay in full at checkout?

Yes. Just click on the “Manage” button next to the player on your Manage Roster Invites screen. Then click on ”Pay Now

Can I pay for my entire team when I create my team as a Head Coach?

Yes! First, The club administrator for you site will need to set this up as a Coach Pay registration form. You just need to click the volunteer option from your My Account screen. Once you enter the team info, you will be prompted to pay.


Can I invite additional coaches/team personnel to my team?

Yes! Just like you invited players to the team, you can do the same for coaches/team personnel. Just go to your team page, and select Manage Roster Invites. Send out your roster invites, and you are good to go.


How do I update my team page?

Here is some additional information on the team page functionality:


What happens if a player loses their team registration email invite?

Easy! The player just needs to ask the coach for the invite code which can be found on their Manger Roster Invites page! Then the player can simply enter the code during the player registration process to join the team.


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